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[Xen-devel] lvm + iscsi + raid

I'm toying with iscsi and raid at the moment, the idea is to have 2 physical machines with xen domains spread between them. Both run iscsi and each domain uses a mirrored set of an iscsi volume from each physical server.
If a server needs to be shut down, domains can be migrated to the other server. If a server crashes (eg melts down to a puddle on the floor) then the domains it was hosting can be re-started on the other server.
This is the theory anyway.
Currently my environment consists of lvm volumes on Xen0, with iscsi exporting them, which are then imported into the xenU domains and raid1'd there. It would be nice to have a single raid1 volume in xenU which is sliced and diced via lvm, but then i've got lvm + iscsi + raid1 + lvm, which can't be good for performance. Performance isn't a really high concern here but still...
the idea of running lvm in xen0 is to be able to resize volumes with comparative ease.
Any comments or suggestions?



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