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Re: [Xen-devel] Blkfront support for get geometry ioctl

> > Do you think it would be possible to return geometry values that are at 
> > least consistent with the size of the device? Something like this (still 
> > has 
> > hard-coded heads and sectors, but calculates cyls based on size of disk):
> It certainly seems sensible to return geometry that approximates
> the "disk's" total size. Your current patch can 'waste' up to 8MB
> of disk space. Do you think it's worth doing something iterative
> that plays around with different numbers of heads and sectors to
> find a total <= disk size?
> I'll bet there's some stock code we could use to do this...

Probably not worth it -- any sane program ought to be using BLKGETSIZE
or BLKGETSIZE64. I think a simple "good enough" estimate will do for

At the same time as checking in that patch, we should also investigate
why 2.6 has a completely different ioctl implementation that doesn't
actually do anything! Merging the two ioctl functions would seem a
good idea.

 -- Keir

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