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Re: [Xen-devel] problems with vbd creation

>I'm incrementally moving to top of trunk -
>I was on 1.921 and just upgraded to 1.955, now when I start a domain I
>get the following error:
>Parsing config file '/u/kmacy/xentmp/freebsd.curly'
>VM image           : "/u/kmacy/kernel"
>VM ramdisk         : ""
>VM memory (MB)     : "16"
>VM IP address(es)  : ""
>VM block device(s) : "phy:loopa,loopa,w"
>VM cmdline         :
>,vfs.root.mountfrom=ufs:/dev/xbd0a,bootverbose=1  "

This doesn't look like an error, just debug output. 
Have you omitted something from your log? 





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