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Re: [Xen-devel] xen and agpgart

> > Hmmmm.... I think the problem is people using virt_to_phys() instead
> > of virt_to_bus(). I would have expected the latter to be correct
> > really. I'll take a look at uses of ioremap() and ioremap_nocache()
> > throughout Linux. It may be there's a simple fix that will work for all
> > uses... You could try manually changing the address passed in to
> > virt_to_bus() and see if you get fiurther.
> Ok.  I've gone through and tweaked a little to see if I could make some
> more forward progress.  I've basically done s/virt_to_page/virt_to_bus/
> and have gotten the system to initialize, when X starts though, I run into
> another one of those pagetable tweaking oopses (below).  The code which
> is executing here is pretty straightforward:

Can you make your vmlinux file available that goes with that oops?
If so I'll take a look.

 -- Keir

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