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Re: [Xen-devel] xen and agpgart

I've checked in patches for AGPGART and DRM. You'll need to apply them
manually if you're having problems (a.k.a. crashes :-) when starting
X. To do this:
 cd linux- ; patch -p1 <../linux-*.patch

I'm really interested to know (a) if with the patch X works; (b) if
not, why not [e.g., crash dump]; (c) if the patch works with Xen, does
it also work with native Linux (i.e., have I broken the normal case!).

Gerald: my patch has a better chance of working than yours as I also
fixed the page-allocation call to definitely return a
physically-contiguous extent of memory. If it doesn't then I gues
we'll have to see whether anyone with a serial line can help.

 -- Keir

> > I'll fix Xen and Xen/Linux for the problems we've found so far, and
> > create patches for the GART and DRM drivers.
> For reference, To get to this point, I've had to revert my changes to the
> agp drivers where i changed virt_to_phys() to virt_to_bus(), they're not back
> at virt_to_phys() (it fails in the ioremap()'s otherwise).  It's possible
> I still have something in an inconsistant and broken state, I'll have to take
> a closer look at all the code there.
>                               -- Gerald

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