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[Xen-devel] Xen reboots when trying to start new domain

I'm running what was 1.1301 at the time of the clone (xen.bkbits.net
indicates that it is now 1.1280.1.21) on a dual opteron with 8GB
running in 32-bit mode.

title Xen 1.1301 / XenoLinux
        kernel /xen-1.1301.gz dom0_mem=262144 com1=9600,8n1 pdb=com1H 
console=com1 noreboot
        module /vmlinuz-1.1301 root=/dev/hda3 ro

The FreeBSD domain builder works fine running against 1.1229, however,
on the more recent snapshot the following occurs:

in my login:

r xm create -f /u/kmacy/xentmp/freebsd.curly -c
name=xen-vm0.lab.netapp.com image=/u/kmacy/kernel vmid=10
Using config file "/u/kmacy/xentmp/freebsd.curly".
config: (vm (name xen-vm0.lab.netapp.com) (memory 16) (cpu 10) (image
(freebsd (kernel /u/kmacy/kernel) (args
(device (vbd (uname phy:loopa) (dev loopa) (mode w))) (device (vif (mac
ERROR: Failure when submitting mmu updates: Invalid argument
requestReceived> No device: Message type
netif_be_driver_status_changed_t 3:32 <Channel dom=0 ports=2:-1>
vif-bridge up vif=vif1.0 domain=xen-vm0.lab.netapp.com
mac=aa:00:00:7e:d7:73 bridge=xen-br0

on the console:
XEN) (file=sched_bvt.c, line=367) Get domain 1 bvt mcu_adv=10,
warpback=0, warpvalue=0, warpl=2000000000, warpu=1000000000^M
(XEN) (file=sched_bvt.c, line=400) Get domain 1 bvt mcu_adv=10,
warpback=0, warpvalue=0, warpl=2000000000000000, warpu=1000000000000000^M
line=241) Bad type (saw 40000000 != exp 25fe0000) for pfn 000035b5^M
(XEN) DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=317) Bad page type for pfn 000035b5
line=254) Unexpected va backpointer (saw 30000001 != exp 26000000) for pfn 
(XEN) DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=317) Bad page type for pfn 000035b6
(XEN) DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=347) Attempt to create linear p.t. with
write perms^M
line=280) Error while validating pfn 000035b5 for type 40000000. caf=60000002 
(XEN) DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=317) Bad page type for pfn 000035b5
(XEN) DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=849) Error while pinning pfn 000035b5^M
line=158) Error pfn 000035b5: ed=fc5cb340, sd=00000001, caf=60000000, 
Phoenix ServerBIOS 3 Release 6.0     ^[[0;30;40m
2;1H^[[0;37;40mCopyright 1985-2002 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.^[[0;30;40m
1H^[[0;37;40mAll Rights Reserved^[[0;30;40m
^[[0;37;40mHDAMA Ver 1.84^[[0;30;40m
[0;37;40mBuild Time: 01/07/04 15:51:10^[[0;30;40m
;37;40m                       ^[[0;30;40m
^[[7;1H^[[0;37;40m                           \
  Rhapsody Mainboard      ^[[0;30;40m
^[[8;1H^[[0;37;40m                               \
    HDAMA             ^[[0;30;40m
^[[9;1H^[[0;37;40m                       ^[[0;30;40m \
                        ^[[10;1H^[[0;37;40mCPU = AMD Opteron(tm)
Processor 242^[[0;30;40m                      \
                       ^[[11;1H^[[0;37;40m2 Processors
Detected^[[0;30;40m                                     \
                      ^[[12;1H^[[0;37;40m579M System RAM
************ REMOTE CONSOLE EXITED *****************^M

It looks like a bug has bug has been introduced in the page checking
logic some time since 1.1229.

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