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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Xen reboots when trying to start new domain

> The crash is potentially interesting. Your output looks as though
> there was no crash dump before rebooting - a sure sign of a triple
> fault. However, they are very rare indeed. Is it possible you lost any
> console output? For example, BIOS/GRUB screens sometimes erase parts
> of a serial dump in an effort to 'draw' themselves. :-)

Everything I saw on the screen was in the e-mail. After the failure it
hangs for a moment then it resets (in spite of being passed noreboot).

> How would the FreeBSD builder react to a one of its mmu_update
> requests failing?

The domain builder just passes the error up to the caller:

    ctxt->cpu_ctxt.esi = VADDR(KPTDI, startinfopa); /* start info mapped
address */
    ctxt->cpu_ctxt.eax = PTOM(IdlePTD);
    ctxt->cpu_ctxt.ebx = PTOM(KPTphys);
    ctxt->cpu_ctxt.edi = physindex;

    if (finish_mmu_updates(xc_handle, mmu))
        goto error_out;

    /* index of first free physical page */
    return physindex;
    return -1;



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