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Re: [Xen-devel] xm speed

> I'm waiting about 2 seconds from typing 'xm list' and for something to
> appear. Is this normal? The machine is fairly old, it's a Compaq
> Proliant 1600 with a single CPU running at 350Mhz. It's hardware RAID
> but that is pretty slow too.

If you look at the output of 'xm list' does the CPU time consumed
by dom0 go up by 2s every time?

Is dom0 competing for CPU0 with a bunch of other busy domains?

On our 2.4GHz Xeon machines, I've noticed that running 'xm list'
causes the amount of CPU consumed by dom0 to go up by around
100ms, which is quite a staggering amount given what it's
actually doing. Python isn't the most efficient of languages, and
we are doing a HTTP RPC between xm and xend, but this level of
resource usage has always rather surprised me. 

I guess we could use one of the python profiling tools to find
out where the overhead is. Since this is all 'control plane' we
haven't made any effort to make it efficient and have
concentrated on flexibility. It it starts becoming a bottleneck
it may be necessary to selectively recode bits in C.


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