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[Xen-devel] v2.6.x root dev patch

For xen0, I do ip config on the kernel command line
(eg ip= )
and that works fine with v2.4 but not with v2.6 xen0 kernels.

Turns out that in 2.6 xen0, MAJOR(ROOT_DEV) == UNNAMED_MAJOR during the
time the ipconfig stuff runs.   In that case, ipconfig decides to do dhcp even
though the ip= command line param is present.

The 2.4 xen0 initializes ROOT_DEV to MKDEV(RAMDISK_MAJOR,0) and avoids
this problem.   The 2.6 xen0 initializes ROOT_DEV to the value stashed
in bzImage .. except 2.6 xen0 kernels don't have any of that bzImage
header stuff.

Here is a patch to make 2.6 initialize ROOT_DEV as is done in 2.4:

===== linux- 1.18 vs edited =====
--- 1.18/linux-  Tue Sep  7 
05:59:38 2004
+++ edited/linux-        Tue Sep 
14 12:53:12 2004
@@ -1313,7 +1313,7 @@
                efi_enabled = 1;
-       ROOT_DEV = old_decode_dev(ORIG_ROOT_DEV);
        drive_info = DRIVE_INFO;
        screen_info = SCREEN_INFO;
        edid_info = EDID_INFO;

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