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Re: [Xen-devel] question about network setting for domain1

> Thanks for your help.
> I followed your instructions and removed all ifcfg-ethX files in dom1.
> Unfortunately, this does not solve the proble. There must have some other
> problems.
> As I said before, my gateway of dom0 is Shall I put it in
> configuration file of dom1 as the gateway of dom1? If so, the ip addr of
> dom1 is set to, how can it reach the gateway?  I am a little
> bit confused.

Yes, I think so! Your gateway needs to be in the same subnet as dom1.

I suggest setting the gateway for dom1 to be Then add
that address to your public interface in dom0 (i.e., the one whose
primary address is as an 'IP alias'.

A common way of doing this is (assuming your public interface is
  ifconfig eth0:1 up
You may also need to add eth0:1 to the bridge in dom0, but probably not.

 -- Keir

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