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Re: [Xen-devel] network hang trigger

Keir Fraser wrote:
Do you see this if you ping from DOM1 to an external machine? Or from
an external machine to DOM1?

Both these cases seem fine.

I also see the 'packet loss using hostname' weirdness pinging from 0 to 1, yet tcpdump in dom1 tells me that icmp packets are going both ways...

I *also* see more icmp redirects than I might have expected, so maybe I'll try changing things around a bit -- the xenU domains are using a secondary on dom0's bridge device as their default as they're not on the same ip address range as dom0, so I could try routing instead of bridging.

(wish I could get bidirectional serial console to dom0 working ... some odd interaction with the Dell console-redirect-foo, I suspect.)


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