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Re: [Xen-devel] network hang trigger

Okay, I can reproduce this too.

 brctl delif xen-br0 vif1.0
 ifconfig vif1.0 up

 ifconfig eth0 up

Then if I ping from DOM0 it appears to stop getting responses
after a few round trips, although tcpdump says that responses are
still getting received.

If I ping from DOM1 then it just seems to seize up
occasionally. I can get the same buffer error messages as you if I set
a packet size > MTU.

Currently I have no idea what this could be due to. :-)

 -- Keir

> Hmmmm... are you running 2.6 and pinging from xenU to xen0?
> I've read your other emails, and I can still get it to fail if I remove
> vif1.0 from the bridge and give it its own ip address, but to properly
> exclude bridging I guess I'd have to boot up the computer with bridging
> never having been started...
> I'm running code checked out and compiled yesterday (15th AEST), and
> have writable pagetables on but only since that last compile. It fails
> either way. I have no iptables/conntrack related modules loaded in
> either domain.
> I think we'll have to start comparing .config's, but I need to get some
> sleep.
> James

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