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Re: [Xen-devel] network hang again

> I do NOT get any errors from domain0, so I can't trace through to dom0
> right now. 8-(
> This error coincides perfectly time wise with the linux-iscsi initiator
> errors I got earlier this week, so I believe that this is what's
> triggering the iscsi-initiator error.
> Any advice on how to figure out what is causing the I/O error would be
> greatly appreciated. Right now it is the ONLY thing that is holding me
> back from using the IET iSCSI target.

You'll have to add tracing within generic_file_{read,write}. Those are
the interface into the buffer cache (pretty much) and below that you
enter the generic blkdev layer. Unfortunately the layers are pretty
thick, but hopefully you can drill back down the error paths fairly

Perhaps this might be related to the networking weirdnesses that
people are seeing? I can't explain the weird DOM0<->DOM1 ping

 -- Keir

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