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Re: [Xen-devel] possible packet sniffer between domains?

> > This might be a security problem for some people -- currently the
> > pages that are returned to Xen could have previously be used for any
> > purpose (e.g., they could be pages containg contents of arbitrary
> > files, or arbitrary VM pages from any running application).
> yowza. Yes, this could be a security issue for some people :-)
> The pages Plan 9 returns are going to get zero'ed. It might be a good idea
> to have a build option for domU (or even dom0) Linux/freebsd/etc. that
> pages returned to Zen always get zero'd. 

If you naively scub memory every time you allocate a network page,
your network performance will undoubtedly be affected.

I've checked in code for Linux that scrubs memory before freeing it to
Xen. Furthermore, after a guest has died, Xen will scrub its memory as
it becomes free. The exceptions to this scrubbing are:

 1. It can be entirely disabled via a config option under the 'XEN'
    menu in the Linux build configurator.

 2. Network-receive memory is allocated out of a dedicated slab-cache
    allocator. I only scrub memory when it enters the slab cache --
    this means that a guest may leak partial contents of
    previously-received network packets, but NOT arbitrary
    VM/buffer-cache pages. This is perfectly adequate if
    security-sensitive connections are end-to-end secured, as they
    should be.

 -- Keir

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