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Re: [Xen-devel] reboot weirdness - problem identified

> well, it turns out that the server reboots when gdm tries to start. I have 
> RageXL adapters, so if anyone has these working successfully I'd love some 
> help. How did they go about configuring the correct kernel features?

What happens if you boot to a boot to a console and then start X
manually without any of the gnome stuff?

Are you trying to compile in agpgart, drm or other fbdev
components into the kernel? I'd certainly recommend trying to
avoid having any of these in the kernel -- most X server drivers
will work fine without them, though with reduced performance
[*]. What happens if you just use the standard X "ati" driver?

There was an email thread recently where attempts were made to
make agpgart/drm work, but it ended inconclusively. We don't have
any hardware that actually needs agpgart or any of the fbdev
components so we haven't been able to test this. You might like
to try the patches in the linux- directory in the

Part of the problem is that these drivers have only ever been
used on x86 hardware, so the authors have been rather 'fast and
loose' with their use of various kernel functions (such as
assuming bus and physical addresses are the same).  Most other
Linux drivers are rather more careful as they have to work on
PPC, Alpha etc, and Xen relies on this.

agpgart.patch and drm.patch clean up some obvious "bugs", but I
suspect more fixes will be required. Someone who actually has
some of this hardware will need to fix it.


[*] I believe the Intel i815 driver is an exception to this; it
requires agpgart.

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