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[Xen-devel] Loopback images

Hi all,

well, Xen is up and running for me. Console only at the moment, but hey, you 
can't have everything, right? :o)

I wonder where things are with automatic assignment of loopback devices to 
image files. This would be very useful to me, as it means there's a whole 
bunch of automation I won't have to write. 

Ian, you mentioned in the "Re: Practical questions, ssh a domain, HD 
(Xen-Unstable)" thread that you guys were planning to have xend track free 
loop devices and do the allocation. I would love to have to do nothing more 
than specify [ 'loop:vm1disk,sda1,w' ].

Were I a programmer (I'm working on it!), I'd be offering to get my hands 
dirty, but I'm not so I'm volunteering to test it for you! :oP Seriously 
though, it would be good to see this feature on the Roadmap so curious folks 
such as I won't bother you with feature questions. Perhaps there should be 
'tweaks and refinements' and 'tools' sections under the main roadmap feature 

I'd like to volunteer to help (after I've had another couple of weeks playing 
with Xen so I've got the concepts understood) with documentation, wiki 
maintenance, etc. For this to be successful though, I think I'd need someone 
I can pester to confirm that whatever I write is accurate. If there's 
anything I can contribute in the meantime however, let me know!


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