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Re: [Xen-devel] reboot weirdness - problem identified

> OK, I guess I'd expected "vga" to work, but you should be able to
> do rather better than that.
> "vesa" won't work. It relies on call-backs to the BIOS to
> configure the display, which we don't currently support. I guess
> we could, but there's usually a better driver than vesa available
> anyhow, so it hasn't been a priority. 
> What happens if you use the "ati" driver? 
> Are you sure your kernel is build without CONFIG_{DRM,AGP,FP} ?
> If so, its hard to understand why it's rebooting. I wander if
> anything might be gleaned from strace'ing what happens when you
> start X.

To get the oops message you will need to connect a null modem serial
cable and grab a serial dump when booting with 'console=ttyS0'.

 -- Keir

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