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Re: [Xen-devel] question about PXE

> I got access to the console server and power control, so I am in better
> shape with these rh7.3 nodes...
> We were actually trying it with just console=ttyS0 when this happened
> (it was just rebooting immediately after dom0 seemed to load).  I took
> your advice and recompiled everything at the same time (putting the dom0
> custom config in install/boot) and that did it, I'm getting further (now
> dealing with just a non xen config issue).

Glad to hear it. 

> I have a question about your advice, why does it matter that they were
> built at the same time?  Isn't it enough to be from the same build
> environment, can't I do just "make linux24" over and over again?  Sorry
> I'm so clueless...!

Same cset on the repository is the main thing, but since the linux
build process can sometimes get confused about files which have or
haven't changed after a 'bk pull', most of us here tend to do a 
'make world' after an update; hence xen / xenlinux / tools will 
all be in sync. 

If you're editing some xenlinux stuff (source or config) then 
there's no major need to rebuild tools or xen itself; make linux24
(or even "make linux-xen0; make linux-xenU" if no config changes) 
should work just fine. 



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