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Re: [Xen-devel] question about PXE

> Damn. Guess what we major/minor got picked for the Xen's evtchn
> driver: 10,200 :-(   
> Moving this shouldn't be too bad, as it's only xend that talks to
> evtchn, so we could modify xend to re-mknod our evtchn device. 
> The question is, what major,minor would be best to go for? Pretty
> much all the numbers in the misc range have already gone.
> At the very least, stealing something like the atarimouse would
> have been smarter than tun.

I'm moving it to 10,201 and added code to xend so it will
automatically recreate the device file if it has the wrong

Is there a comprehensive miscdev list? Is 10,201 actually free?

 -- Keir

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