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Re: [Xen-devel] network_alloc_rx_buffers panic

> " > " Could you try updating to the latest version, with writable pagetables
> " > " reenabled.  Keir has spotted an incorrect check in the writable
> " > 
> " > xen is faulting the same as the previous pull.
> I am now seeing a new behaviour from xen0.  Some of them drop off the
> net for a minute or so and come back apparently ok, except for lots of
> console messages from swapper, shown below.   I suppose it could be the
> bug that has been panicking xenU didn't manage a panic but did corrupt
> the system..

The 'error' you reported isn't actually fatal, it's just a GFP_ATOMIC
allocation failure from within the e100 interrupt handler. It's pretty
benign really, although it should be hard to trigger if you've given
DOM0 a reasonable amount of RAM.

It's also weird that it has only just started to appear! I've
rewritten the skb allocation routines, but the new ones shouldn't be
any more memory hungry.

Perhaps it is worth checking the slab caches (e.g., cat /proc/slbinfo
| grep xen-skb) and see whether the skb cache, or any other cache, is
perhaps leaking?? I think it unlikely though.

 -- Keir

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