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Re: [Xen-devel] Domains blocked

> Hello,
> I have been tinkering with Xen lately.  Very nice, so far.  I have compiled
> the latest tarball on a debian Sarge distro, and have a Dom0 partition
> running OK.  Biggest problem is with starting addional domains.  I've tried
> with several distros on seperate partitions, even a clone of the dom0 file
> tree that seems to run ok.  All new domains are marked as blocked in a xm
> list.  They appear on a ping, but all ssh attemps fail with connection
> refused.  I am assuming that this has something to do with being in a
> blocked state, but I can find no info about this in the docs.
> What is a blocked state and how do I unblock them?

Blocked means 'not runnable - waiting for an I/O event'. So a
quiescent domain will pretty much continuously be blocked, but
incoming network packets, timer events, disc responses, etc. will all
make it runnable again.

The problem here is almost certainly that you have misconfigured the
network for those domains in some way, or are failing to start sshd.

Do you have console output? Either use the '-c' option to 'xm create'
or use 'xm console <VM name>'. Make sure you have 'console=tty0' on
the new domain's kernel command line.

 -- Keir

> ANd if that not the likely cause of the ssh failures, what else should I
> look at?

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