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Re: [Xen-devel] Follow-up

>> Freeing unused kernel memory: 92k freed
>> Warning: unable to open an initial console.
>> ioperm not fully supported - set iopl to 3
>> ------
>It looks like you're not getting message sent to /dev/console. 
>I don't think you need the extra="console=tty0" -- it should be
>the default. 
>Can you post the output of trying to create the domain with the
>'-n' flag to do a dry run and print the final config.

Using config file "/etc/xen/xmdefconfig".
    (name Xserver)
    (memory 64)
            (kernel /boot/vmlinuz-
            (root /dev/hdb1)
            (args 4)
    (device (vbd (uname phy:hdb1) (dev hdb1) (mode w)))
    (device (vif (mac aa:00:00:2f:59:44)))

>> The console freezes.
>> The instance shows on the 'xm list'.
>> xm console xxxx  results in: 
>> Cannot connect to console 12 in domain 1
>This might be because the console is still connected on the other

after terminating the other frozzed console, I get this on xm console

************ REMOTE CONSOLE: CTRL-] TO QUIT ********
ioperm not fully supported - set iopl to 3

This message is occasionally followed by:

warning: process `update' used the obsolete bdflush system call
Fix your initscripts?

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