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Re: [Xen-devel] Windows XP

>I am very interested in trying out WinXP on xen, I know its still on dev 
>stage - but anyway, very interesting.
>How far is the dev on that issue, is it possible to actually run a live 
>version of it?
>I know there migth be some license thing to clear out first, how do I 
>proceed with this and what is the roadmap of actually getting hold of 
>the code/binaries?

So I guess this should be added to the FAQ; basically the answers are 

  a) there's no version of xenxp available at present
  b) we won't be making the old version (> 1yr old) available at 
     any stage barring miracles
  c) we may produce a new xenxp at some stage -- but certainly not 
     before 2005 (and most likely only once VT ships)





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