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[Xen-devel] VM Remote access options

Just to error test my own thinking here, there seems to be the following
options for remote graphical access to a running domian vm.  Besides the
normal network service via a port and a raw console, the options are 
straight X, VNC, and XN.

X - supports a single X window running on a local XServer, tied to a single
process on the remote system.  No remote desktop

VNC - comes in two flavors of server.  The original at&t server supports a
primative window manager and no desktop to the remote system.  A more
recent server is krfb found in the KDE tree.  This is the basis for so
called 'desktop sharing' features.  krfb forks the io on running kde
environment to the remote VNC client and thus depends on a running login
session.  It can not start a new login session.

XN - supports a remote login with a full kde desktop environement running
in a single xwindow.

Each has its advantages for specific needs.

When I mentioned bad performance of XN in an earlier post, I was refering
to test on a xen domain.   Over a regular network, it is quite snappy, and
over the internet, it is simple amazing.  It does not seem to be happy on a
domain system, however.  I've got some more things to try.  But the client
is gagging and stops responding after a connection has been established and
a session started.

The top command shows several new items in the cpu summary display for a
running domain, labeled wa, hi, and si.  Can't find any docs refs to them. 
Know want those are?


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