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Re: [Xen-devel] Automation scripts

On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 10:43:47AM +1200, Paul Dorman wrote:
> that's good to know. Could I ask if there's any special I have to do to work 
> with Sarge and Xen (and LVM2 of course!)? Any tips would be great. I'll be 
> mining the mailing list for a possible 'tips and tweaks' wiki section 
> sometime soon (as part of my contribution to Xen), so anything you can 
> contribute will surely make it there eventually.

No special tricks, really.  My basic setup:
  - Set up domain-0 using raw disk partitions, so I don't have to worry
    about starting LVM from an initrd.
  - Leave a large disk partition unused initially; it will be devoted to
  - Install the lvm2 package from Debian in domain-0.
  - Run pvcreate on the empty large partition, followed by vgcreate.
  - Use the LVM tools in domain-0 to allocate space for the guest
    domains, then export those devices to the guests.  The guests don't
    know the space comes from LVM.

If necessary, I can add more space to domain-0 with LVM as well, but
thus far I've been getting by just fine with the initial partitions for
domain-0, and using LVM solely for space for xenU domains.

--Michael Vrable

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