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Re: [Xen-devel] question on version interoperability [was: unstable binaries]

> This leads me to another question: Are different versions
> (2.0.X, 2.0-testing, unstable) of xen.gz, xen-aware kernels
> (linux/freebsd/netbsd) and the userland-tools for the
> domain0 somehow interoperable?

Everything (Xen images, kernel images, tools) from the 2.x.y series should 
interoperate reasonably happily.  The unstable tree contains changes that 
makes it incompatible with the 2.x.y series, so you can't mix the two.


> E.g. redhat has kernel-xenX-rpms in its fedora development
> tree i'd like to try, but they use xen-unstable. Creating the
> domains using xen-2.0.4 fails. Is there a combination which
> runs xen-stable-domains and xen-unstable-domains?
> /nils.

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