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[Xense-devel] [PATCH] sHype Policy Processor for Xen

Attached you will find the sHype: Java Policy Processor.

The Java Policy Processor is a Java application that translates an XML
representation of a security policy into a binary format that can be loaded
into sHype.  The Policy Processor allows you to create your own sHype Type
Enforcement and Chinese wall security policy.  XmlToBin, the Java Policy
Processor, creates a binary file (e.g., binaryPolicyFile)  from an XML
policy file. This binary file can be activated in sHype via the policytool
xeno-unstable.bk/tools/policy/policy_tool loadpolicy binaryPolicyFile.
Please refer to [PATCH] sHype access control architecture for Xen.

Note that the use of this tool is optional, since the policy_tool included
in sHype has a hard-coded policy that you can set with
 ./policy_tool setpolicy.


Signed-off by Ray Valdez <rvaldez@xxxxxxxxxx>
(See attached file: policyprocessor.tgz)

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