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RE: [Xen-devel] FYI: 2.6.11 XenLinux has issues with x86-64 ia32emulation compilation on gcc4

 > On 27 Jun 2005, at 20:16, Jerone Young wrote:
> > Not sure if this is gcc4 specific..but since no one has 
> reported the 
> > build breaking I think it is. From what I see the fix to this is to 
> > turn off ia32 emulation if you are using gcc4, or hack up fs/ 
> > otherwise wait till 2.6.11 Xenlinux gets an upgrade to 2.6.12.
> This will be a while. We want to substantially merge xen/i386 and
> xen/x86_64 before undertaking the upgrade.

Vincent has had a working i386 patch for 2.6.12 for a week or so. I
think the x86_64 work deserves a brief period of stability just so we
can get a handle on the underlying robustness before we do the upgrade
everything to 2.6.12.


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