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Re: [Xen-devel] beginnings of allowing more than the basic 80x25 VGA screen resolution

>I'll happily take a patch that increases range of text modes supported

>by Xen. But why bother to propagate this info to XenLinux? You can set

>a vga-mode parameter on XenLinux's command line. To make this easier,

>we could have Xen automatically add a suitable mode parameter to 
>XenLinux command line, based on what was passed to Xen, if one wasn;t

>specified by the administrator.

Hmm, interesting. I would have hoped such thing would exist, but I
can't see how it could work, since the code affected by
CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT (which is what in non-guest Linux deals with the
vga= option) doesn't even exist in XenLinux. Further more, since XEN is
a multiboot image, it would require infrastructure to switch back to
real mode for issuing the necessary INT10-s in the guest kernel, which I
think is neither very desirable nor existing.

So I must be missing something, but I'd need a pointer at where I would
have to look for the alternative code.


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