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Re: [Xen-devel] beginnings of allowing more than the basic 80x25 VGA screen resolution

On 4 Jul 2005, at 09:00, Jan Beulich wrote:

As far as I know, not only the VGA driver does not do any mode
switching, even the VESA one doesn't (because the protected mode
interface doesn't cover the mode switching functions as far as I
remember). Only the video board specific frame buffer drivers are able
to switch modes, and the bad thing (for me personally) is that even in
2.6.12 there still is no (64-bit) support for the i915 chipset. So I
continue to be required to live with the video mode that XEN 'sets'
prior to loading dom0, and short of it supporting a VESA console my
first minimal attempt was to at least increase (and propagate) the size
to the maximum possible without significant changes.

That's a pain. Maybe we can find a simple example somewhere of setting video mode via protect-mode VBE calls. I see that this functionality is missing from the kernel drivers -- it's all done in a monstrous real-mode assembly file. Any video card we care about these days should support VBE 2.0/3.0 I think, and those interfaces don;t require you to be runnign in real mode.

 -- Keir

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