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Re: [Xen-devel] beginnings of allowing more than the basic 80x25 VGAscreen resolution

"Ling, Xiaofeng" <xiaofeng.ling@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Is it possible to add some real mode code to xen  like video.S in linux 
> kernel 
> to switch mode?

Hmm, how about adding that to the boot loader(s)?

IIRC there are some fields in the multiboot info header for that kind
of stuff, so grub could setup that and pass on the info to xen (and
xen in turn to the dom0 kernel?).

multiboot kernels are started in 32-bit protected mode by the boot
loader, i.e. xen has (unlike linux) no 16-bit startup code.  Thus
doing 16-bit BIOS calls once xen is running is a bit difficuilt ...


panic("it works"); /* avoid being flooded with debug messages */

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