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Re: [Xen-devel] beginnings of allowing more than the basic 80x25 VGAscreen resolution

>> IIRC there are some fields in the multiboot info header for that
>> of stuff, so grub could setup that and pass on the info to xen (and
>> xen in turn to the dom0 kernel?).
>> multiboot kernels are started in 32-bit protected mode by the boot
>> loader, i.e. xen has (unlike linux) no 16-bit startup code.  Thus
>> doing 16-bit BIOS calls once xen is running is a bit difficuilt ...
>GRUB has code for switching back into real mode to do bios calls. We 
>could take that, plus video.S, and put them in Xen. Then add an info 
>structure for passing video info up to domain0. It's pretty ugly, but
>think there is no nice solution here. Would we also need vesa/vga 
>driver code from Linux for setting up font data in some graphics

Yes that would clearly be necessary, but perhaps a much more
streamlined mechanism would do for XEN.


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