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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen at OLS

Magenheimer, Dan (HP Labs Fort Collins) (dan.magenheimer@xxxxxx) wrote:
> Since many of us will be attending the Xen mini-summit at
> the Ottawa Linux Symposium later this month, I thought it
> might be good to start a discussion about "opportunities"
> at OLS.  Many Xen developers are also Linux developers but
> there are many who are not.  And there are far more Linux
> developers than Xen developers.  And, for many of those Linux
> developers, their primary exposure to virtualization
> technologies is either vague press reports or, perhaps,
> some limited knowledge of UML (user mode linux).
> I had the following email exchange over the weekend (djm
> is me, xxx is an OLS person who will remain nameless):
> djm>> I like how all the virtualization topics are grouped together in
> djm>> in one day and in the big room.
> xxx> 
> xxx> That was the goal, hopefully we can lock them all away until 
> xxx> they agree to a single solution. :)
> Though there is a smiley face, it's important for all us
> Xen developers to recognize that the Linux community needs
> to be educated about virtualization.  Like xxx, many don't
> know or care about the differences between Xen and UML and VTx
> and Virtual Iron and sHype.  Though many will attend some
> of Friday's virtualization talks, many will not (there are
> three simultaneous tracks) and many will attend one and
> not all, thus missing a chance to compare and contrast
> the different virtualization technologies.
> Anyway, I just wanted to point out that OLS is an excellent
> chance for educating the Linux community.  Let's all us
> Xen developers attending OLS make a commitment to take time
> with one or more Linux-but-not-Xen developers to explain
> what virtualization is all about (and, of course, why
> Xen is the best solution)!


I think it is too late, but I think one good place to educated, as you
say on virtualization, would have been RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales des
Logiciels Libres) in France. I say this about the fact:


But it seems noone could talk about Xen there.

I am sad to have register this list too late to give this information.

                                                - Christophe

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