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Re: [Xen-devel] problem to balloon memory beyond initial allocation

On 10 Jul 2005, at 14:00, Xuehai Zhang wrote:

My above experiment is not very successful. I will appreciate if you can
point out what I did wrong. Thanks in advance!

maxmem will default to initial allocation to the domain (128MB in this case). The 'mem=' parameter is parsed by the guest -- it does not inform Xen. To do that you would need to add 'maxmem=256' to your config file.

The lowmem/highmem balloon lines show how big the balloon is in terms of low memory (that is 1:1 mapped by the guest) and high memory (the area that needs to be kmapped by the kernel to access it). 'Hard limit' is the maximum reservation being enforced by Xen. In your case it is probed as 128MB, meaning that your 'xm maxmem' invocation had no effect. Sounds like it is broken. :-)

 -- Keir

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