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RE: [Xen-devel] Lot's of OOPS

Yeah, I'm trying to piece together if this is a bug in the image (from
possible corruption ... Repeated crashes)...  Or if it's a xen / kernel
issue.  I just created a new VMX domain and ran specjbb on it for appr
1240 minutes... It was only running for 40 mins or less on a Linux
domain (and yes I do mean dom0 + 1 VM / domU)... I'm going to copy my
image for the VMX domain to a Linux domain and see if the issue
reappears... If it doesn't, I'll chalk it up to silliness... Otherwise,
I'll continue to research.

I have disabled CONFIG_SMP on both xenU and xen0
I have disabled CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G on xen0
I have enabled CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G on xenU

I can send you the rest of my .config(s) if you're interested.

Regarding the objdump, what exactly am I looking to do here... I'm not
familiar with low level kernel hacking.


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> Here's the log... I'm running 1 VM in Linux domain.... 

Do you mean dom0 plus 1 other domain?

CONFIG_SMP got enabled by default recently, but I'd be slightly
surprised if that was the problem as a bunch of people had tested it
pretty hard. Similarly for CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G.

It would be great if you could try and get a simple recipe to reproduce.


> I have
> been running specjbb (cpu, memory intensive)... since it appears 3 
> applications are causing it to malfunction, I'm going to update to the

> latest python, stop kjournald, and if that doesn't work try updating 
> X... (I also use VMX domains which cause similar issues, although I 
> don't have a log to prove it).  If this is a known problem... or 
> something else...
> please let me know.
> Thanks,
> David

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