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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] trivial README file changes!

The following statement from the README file indicates that "ARCH=xen'
must be specified while building the kernel. But the example did not use
'ARCH=xen' while building the kernel. I could change "make dist" to
"make ARCH=xen dist", but I chose to add an extra line. Is this
statement from the README file really true?

"Include the ARCH=xen directive for all make commands when building the

Ian Pratt [m+Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
> >      # cd linux-2.6.11-xen0         # or linux-2.6.11-xenU
> >      # make ARCH=xen menuconfig     # or xconfig
> >      # cd ..
> > +    # make ARCH=xen
> What's the intention of this step? It isn't needed.
> Ian

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