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[Xen-devel] Xentest-0.3

Xentest-0.3 is available for download at:

Xentest is a test automation framework for testing Xen.  It's simple
enough to quickly set up and do automated testing on a single machine,
but will handle a lot of legwork for you automatically like pulling the
kernel, building/booting, bringing up VMs, executing designated tests on
them, and gathering build logs, test results, etc.

A few of the things this release adds are:
o A new and improved results directory layout
o Basic results postprocessing for LTP results
o Allows for patches to be defined to patch against xen before building
(see xentest.cfg sample for examples of how to do this)
o Xentest can now pull tarballs or hg repos
        ---NOTE--- Don't panic! If the repo is already there, it'll just do an
'hg pull -u'

Paul Larson

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