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RE: [Xen-devel] Xen on ES7000 x86_64 take 2

> Thanks for the patch. That's fixed the problem. Dom0 boots up 
> now. But keyboard does not work on the console. 

Odd. USB or PS/2? 
Can you get a serial line on the box and configure serial console?

> But I am able 
> to ssh into the system. I am also unable to bring up xend. 
> Trying to bring up xend causes the system to freeze up and 
> lose network connectivity. I don't see any messages on the 
> serial console at this point.
> Any ideas on how to debug this?

stop xend from bringing the bridge up by editing xend-config.sxp to
remove the 'network' line.

I expect xend will then start OK, but you'll need to configure the
bridge etc manually via the serial console.

The whole process of moving IP addresses between devices is fraught. Its
much better to configure it from boot using vendor scripts than to rely
on /etc/xen/scripts/network. 


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