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Re: [Xen-devel] Characters pasted to console lost

> I xm console to a domU.  Open a vi session.  Then paste some text (a
> setup script, about 5KB).  Not all the text is pasted, some middle and
> end parts are lost.
> Is anyone else experiencing this or can someone try to reproduce this
> now for themselves?  Are there any obvious things I can do to fix this?

Xend's console code is known to have issues with high data rates out of the 
domain - I imagine it might also drop stuff if you try and input at a high 
rate (as in X11 pasting).  (that's an educated guess, btw ;-)

The plan is to split out the console stuff as a separate driver before 3.0.  
Hopefully when that gets done, some issues like this could be addressed too.

Pasting over ssh should work fine, though.


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