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Re: [Xen-devel] domain_pause and vcpu_pause on currently executing domain?

On 18 Jul 2005, at 21:55, George Washington Dunlap III wrote:

We're using basically the exact same functionality, with a pause/unpause "counter" rather than a bit, with our execution replay system. In our current implementation, there are a number of different threads of the replay system, each doing a small set of things: one is delivering interrupts, doing scheduling, etc.; but we have separate threads called "replay drivers" which sit between the replaying domain and the thing they're talking to. All of these competeing interests want to pause and unpause the domain, and having just a bit isn't enough.

But I'd naturally rather use mainline xen functionality, than maintain my own copy, if I can.

{domain,vcpu}_pause are based on a counter, not a bit. These are what you can call from within Xen, so if that is where you are implementing stuff you shouldn't need your own functions.

domain_pause_by_systemcontroller(), which is what is accessible from outside Xen itself, is based on a single bit.

 -- Keir

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