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[Xen-devel] AOE (Ata over ethernet) troubles on xen 2.0.6

I understand that all work is going into xen3, but I had wanted to note that aoe (drivers/block/aoe) is giving me trouble on xen 2.0.6 (so we can keep and eye on xen3).

Specifically I can't see nor export AOE devices. As a quick background on AOE, it is not IP (not routable, etc), but works with broadcasts and packets to MAC addresses (see http://www.coraid.com).

(for anyone who wants to test or play)
In my dom0 (w/ aoe module), I installed aoetools and vblade ( http://aoetools.sourceforge.net ). aoetools are not necessary, but nice. vblade lets you export a block device to the network.

I exported an lvm device (worked fine on non xen machine) with:
vblade 2 0 eth0 (2 is shelf number and 0 is slot number -- can be anything).

If I export from non-xen, it shows up on other machines as /dev/etherd/e2.0, but the xen machine can't see it when others export either. (Note, vblades from your own machine don't show up in your /dev/etherd/ -- only on other hosts)

As this is dom0, I'm not sure why the aoe module is not seeing the packets (unless the bridge is messing it up). Any tips for debugging this would be appreciated -- I don't really care if we get this working in xen2, but I think this is important for xen3.

Thanks for your time,
Jeb Campbell

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