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Re: [Xen-devel] compiling dom0 Kernel with LSI MegaRAID Driver failed

I figured out what the problem is, at least that with dma_*:

A 'make kernels' in the root directory of the xen source builds the dom0 kernel with this patch applied:

Node ID c5db6fd54e36fb4475257172c3f1c8fa77b54745
Fix dma_map_single to work correctly with multi-page buffers


'make kclean'
in the source root directory, or

cd linux-2.6.12-xen0
make ARCH=xen clean

deletes the patched files pci-dma.c and pci-nommu.c from /arch/xen/x86-64/kernel.

After that, a new compilation replaces both deleted files with unpatched versions which do not work anymore.

Copy pci-dma.c and pci-nommu.c manually from the xen-sparse tree in the dom0 tree after a clean solves the problem.

Florian Gödden

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