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Re: [Xen-devel] safely reboot dom0?

> I remember reading somewhere about the ability to reboot dom0 without
> loosing anything (other domUs still function) when there are troubles
> with dom0 driver. Is that true? if so, how can we do that?

You can't do this with dom0 itself - it holds too much state about the running 

The idea is to partition driver functionality out into separate domains - one 
domain for your network interface, another for your block interface...  These 
service domains directly, giving good performance.  When they crash, dom0 can 
restart them and the other domains will reconnect and carry on.  This is a 
pretty nice trick, since drivers are one of the least reliable parts of the 

The Xend support code for this needs tracing through - somebody reported that 
the domains would reconnect after the restart.


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