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[Xen-devel] Available Memory on 4GB system

We have a dual Xeon server with 4x1GB memory sticks. With a non-Xen kernel it boots up with ~4GB of memory. With the Xen kernel it boots up with ~3.3GB of memory.

I know this has been discussed before, but I'm still not clear why the xen kernel boots up with less memory available than a regular Linux kernel. Would someone mind patiently explaining it once more?

I want to make sure there is no kernel .config option we're setting which is making memory unavailable to us. And from what I read the pae changes in 3.0 should allow us to see more (all?) of the memory.

(BTW we are now offering Xen based VPS hosting - having been running UML based servers up to now. We find the 2.0.6 setup performs well, and the VPSs have been very stable. Other than the minor gripe about the memory, we have been very happy with the software. Thanks for everyone's work on this.)

Regards, Peter

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