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Re: [Xen-devel] dma_alloc_coherent issue with tg3 in x86_64 build

On 28 Jul 2005, at 20:36, Chris Wright wrote:

During boot of dom0, I get the following.  Box is remote, so I'm
now waiting for proxy power button pusher ;-)  tg3 init fails doing
dma_alloc_coherent (I assume this is from tg3_init_one -> tg3_test_dma ->
pci_alloc_consistent -> dma_alloc_coherent).  Looks like an issue with
the amount of memory in dom0.  Is this known?

Allocate less memory to dom0 -- just a few mb less should make the allocation succeed. The failure path in alloc_coherent should invoke the balloon driver rather than barfing immediately.

 -- Keir

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