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Re: [Xen-devel] Unabe to create guest domain on PAE enabled SLES 9 SP2 box, 4GB RAM

On 14 Sep 2005, at 20:52, David F Barrera wrote:

x335b:/tmp/xen # xm create -c vm1.cfg
Using config file "vm1.cfg".
Error: Error creating domain: (22, 'Invalid argument')

x335b:/tmp/xen # cat /var/log/xend-debug.log
Before the page_array{ppt_alloc] > 0xfffff lines.
Executing the page_array{ppt_alloc] > 0xfffff lines.
nmfn = 2b5e
ppt_alloc = 42d

Do you have the Xen output for this run? (just the lines it spits out after it's booted -- the ones about "Error while validating pfn..." and so on).

 -- Keir

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