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RE: [Xen-devel] 32/64-bit hypercall interface

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 20:56 +0100, Ian Pratt wrote:
> Just changing the tools API to all u64 seems pointless, as if you're
> using a 64 bit hypervisor it seems perfectly reasonable to insist on
> using 64 bit tools -- every other system binary on your 64 bit
> redhat/suse install is going to be specially compiled for 64 bit, so
> why not yout hypervisor tools!  

Although this is the case for x86_64, it is _NOT_ the case for ppc64 (or
sparc64 if someone is ever demented enough to do it ;)

ppc64 Linux ships with a largely 32-bit userland + a 64-bit kernel.  And
since the Xen tools are python, doing 64-bit tools in an environment
like that gets very tricky -- the various scripting languages are not
done in such a way that you can easily install both 32 and 64-bit


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