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Re: [Xen-devel] xm list d flag?

Christian Limpach wrote:

Is changing the order of token and path really necessary? It's a considerably simplier change if we maintain the same order. I've always thought of the token as an argument so this order makes more sense to me (and I reckon to Rusty since he did it this way to begin with :-)).

It's not absolutely necessary, but makes the code simpler sinceat least
within the kernel, we don't pass the token to the watch callback, only
the path and as pointed out in a footnote, you can then get the additional
arguments by adding strlen(path)+1 and so on.
So you want to just pass around the path pointer? And rely on people jumping past the end of the string? Yikes :-)

The only adjustment to the userspace API would be that instead of returning an char *[2] we would return a char *[] that was terminated by a NULL. xenbus needs a little more but it's not too bad.

Wasn't there a patch which got rid of that array?

I sent a patch that added a size to the array--Rusty didn't like it. Rusty suggested changing the userspace interface to something similiar to the kernel interface.

The kernel interface doesn't generalize well--we could hack it to have an additional domid_t * parameter but that kind of sucks.

 Also, with a
variable number of paths, using an array will become quite complicated
since you won't know how big to allocate the array.
I was thinking of just adding a param to the message that specified the number of entries in the array. That solves that problem.

Also, I'd like to see something like XS_WATCH_TOKEN and XS_WATCH_PATH
as indexes into the array instead of sprinking 0/1 althrough the code,
whether we reverse the order or not...
Yes, I had thought of this myself. I think having xs_read_watch return the size of the array is the best solution. Returning a zero-terminated array makes it difficult to determine if the watch has a feature (if you know the size, you can check for size < XS_WATCH_* to determine if the watch has a given parameter).

I'm going to working something up and submit it. Rusty can weigh in when he gets to Cambridge.


Anthony Liguori


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