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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] support udev or hotplug based on the system [0/3]

The following set of patches adds support for using either udev or
hotplug based on the setup of the system.  Basic description of the
patches is as follows:

xen-block-script.patch [1/3]: This moves the handling of block-phy and
block-file into a common file that gets called from the hotplug agent.
Still allows for third-parties to drop in their own block type but puts
the calling in the block script instead of in the hotplug agent

xen-udev-rules.patch [2/3]: Adds a udev rule file that maps to the
hotplug agent

xen-udev-dist-install.patch [3/3]: Adds installation of the udev rules.
Set a variable on 'make dist' targets so that we can install both
hotplug and udev rules which install.sh handles.  Use udev rules if udev
> 059 is on the system


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