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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] 0/2 VCPU creation and allocation

On 10 Oct 2005, at 16:28, Ryan Harper wrote:

Either we should take set_max_vcpus, and have that implicitly do the
work of VCPUOP_create, or we should take VCPUOP_create (callable only
by domain0) and have that implicitly increase max_vcpus for the subject

OK.  I'll re-work VCPUOP_create to be callable only by dom0 and
auto-increment max_vcpus.

Do you even need a max_vcpus variable? Surely the appropriate check is implicit in VCPUOP_initialise detecting whether or not the relevant VCPU has been created?

I like small code and simple interfaces. :-)

 -- Keir

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